Tuesday in Mooseville – Rage Becomes Us (h/t Soraya Chemaly) 9/11/18

Embrace it.

Sometimes you realize the reason you have a writing block is because you’re so damn angry. Twitter reminds me that I’m not alone; I remind myself that voting is cathartic and can’t come soon enough. Let’s get it done.
Been there, done that, not playing that game anymore.

Misogynoir writ large.

Misogyny doesn’t follow national boundaries; Lee Hee Jin is a South Korean actress and former member of an all-female pop group.

You don’t have to have been to law school to have experienced this.

But if you have…

And certainly (and obviously) not new.

Really not new.


Our unleashed anger unites us.

Our unleashed anger strengthens us.

Our unleashed anger empowers us.

Our unleashed anger frees us.

November 6th. 56 days. Be angry; get free.

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  1. Good morning and thanks DoReMI. Women have a lot of good reasons to be angry and determined. I hope some of the women who didn’t vote in the last election or voted for regressive behavior have become angry at what is happening and will vote Democratic from now on.

    • Women and male allies. 😊 The dudebros will never shut up and listen, which is why they are doomed to fail again and again. But women are learning to ignore their bluster and forge ahead; anger creates focus too.

  2. {{{DoReMI}}} – anger is energy – it’s how I’ve survived a large chunk of my life when Depression would have me take it. According to some it’s cost me jobs, potential “relationships”, and even friendships. Mebbe so, mebbe no – but I’m still here and I’m still doing what I can to “make things better” for others living in unfair situations. Like most women and POC (& especially WOC).

    You did a really good round up there. I think I’ll go RT them. 😁😁😁 Thank you. moar {{{HUGS}}}

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