Tuesday in Mooseville – Pure Michigan Interlude 10/29/19

Fall panorama of Green Lake near Chelsea, Michigan.
The second part of my Willow Run post will happen tonight; Monday was quite a day (and not in a good way), so there hasn’t been time to get a proper post written. So until I can get the rest of the Willow Run story written up, this is a fall interlude of Pure Michigan.

Blue Water Bridge between Port Huron and Canada (close to me; if customs isn’t backed up, it’s faster for me to get to Canada than it is to go to Detroit)

We may have a stone thing in this state.

Peak color unfortunately coincided with lots of rain, but it’s been glorious.

Even our Secretary of State can’t resist posting #PureMichigan photos.

In Michigan, our “mountains” are small but lovely.

I only discovered in the past few years how necessary water is to my soul.

Look for the second part of the Willow Run post later tonight or tomorrow morning.

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  1. Interludes are good. The more stressful life is, the more we need them. This is a lovely one. {{{HUGS}}}

    • It’s really been a beautiful, colorful fall here, but unfortunately, just as we hit peak, the rains moved in. I didn’t get any photos of the sun, the blue skies, and the trees in full color, which made me a bit sad. So I searched twitter for my fix…which led to this post!

      • Online is a blessing to that extent at least. There are beautiful nature pictures out there to soothed a stressed-out soul.

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