Tuesday in Mooseville – SHEnanigans, Twitter Style 1/21/20

1893 oil painting of women at the church of San Pietro in Pistoia (Kristian Zarhtmann, 1843-1917)
The original plan for this week was to respond to a question asked by a reader of last week’s post. But there has been a change in plans; I’m going with a female-centric tweet-a-rama today and will use my free time later this week to prepare the requested post for next Tuesday. So no, I will not be continuing to post in the future, but that future doesn’t start until after January 28th. My apologies to the readers who came today looking for that promised post, but next week, I promise, it will be here.

Time to reframe the message.

Fiona Hill. Then Tim Morrison. Then this guy. Men failing upwards while highly-qualified women dance circles around them (backwards and in heels).

I’d missed this. Congratulations…but it’s the 21st century, and this is “historic.” Patriarchy stinks.

Oh look. Something else we’re still having to fight for. Would Alice Paul be happy, or would she be pissed?

“The world demands proof of woman’s capabilities…” (worth using up one of your free articles to read this, imho); I wish I could easily get to Manhattan to see this.

NSFW! From 2018, but the answer to the question, “What day is today?” still stands.

I have appointments this morning, but I’ll check in as soon as I’m able.

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  1. {{{DoReMI}}} – gonna miss the Tuesday posts but so very glad you got the job. Again, please do check in and let us know what’s going on in your life. moar {{{HUGS}}}

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