It takes a village: Got ’em Back on their heels….. stay angry and focused

11/9/16…… A group of ANGRY group of white house staff and democrats. Nearly four months later, the anger is still there….GOOD





All the chest pounding in the world    won’t  put him on Obama’s  level.



The buzz from twitter world……


This is how His administration  will handle unfavorable news or Scandals.

It’s  on democrats  to maintain  the intensity shown at townhalls.


These  guys weren’t  expecting  this…  neither were their base.Let’s  take it to them, if not this method, then the tactic  proven  to slow trump  down.

Sue the shit out of them. Props to BBB for his new years eve diary… check it out and rec it if you haven’t  seen it.



               So……. I’ll  give her the                        final word:

This is your Thursday Thread.                           Btw……..

The Gop… and other folks are ITCHING to have a pie fight over the election and policy….. let’s accommodate them, shall we? 😉


  1. Tiny Trump wins the Internets!

    Great Town Hall video. Tom Cotton deserves credit for actually holding one but he is the worst of the worst. Have you ever seen a man so uncomfortable in his own skin? Yikes, he looks like a guy whose mother still dresses him.

    • Yes, Tom Cotton is the worst of the worst. An End-timer claiming to be Christian and a vet calling for a foreign government to ignore the U.S. president. evil.

  2. Hey, Reese, so good to see you and thanks for the lively village thread with pictures. LOL! Love them.

    Something is happening here
    What it is ain’t exactly clear
    Stop, children, what’s that sound
    Everything is going round…

    Not sure I’ve rendered the lyrics correctly, but that’s the feeling I’m getting.

    Let’s keep on keeping on!

  3. 44 degrees in a February for the history books in Chicago metro…. climate change isn’t real huh?

    Morning all! Yes little donnie deserves to be ridiculed.

  4. Thanks reese…29 and sleeting in N.Utah…that’s actually a little cold for this time of year here…normally in the mid to upper 30s…
    I’m loving all the town halls and the Repub no shows…may it continue…well off to get some coffee going…

  5. {{{rto}}} – keep ridiculing him, especially as “liddle donnie” – that is the key to a complete unable-to-be-hidden meltdown. And while Pence will in many ways be worse, Pence cannot give the Rs cover for what they are doing as liddle donnie does. The evil will happen either way, but with Pence in charge the Rs will own it.

    Sorry to be late. I had to do a Hangout at DK this morning and have two “urgent” fundraiser needs to try and figure out more places to post the news. And oh yeah, I need to do my actual job I get paid for. sigh. But I’ll be back when I can. And thanks for ending with Hillary. I don’t know what she is going to do next to make things better, but I know she will be working on something (probably multiple things) to make things better because that’s what she does. And just looking at her and thinking of her comforts me and gives me strength to pick up my much smaller burden and keep moving.

    • The Rs started “salting” Immigration with Storm Troopers under Reagan and added to them every R administration. They’re in place and were just waiting to be turned loose by pvl45’s team.

    • This is beyond inhumane. I don’t believe in or endorse doxing, but the impulse to encourage someone to publish the faces of the ICE agents “just doing their duty” is strong. And that people think there is nothing wrong with this makes me despair for humanity. I just can’t fathom the cruelty…well, actually I can, and it disgusts me.

      • I thought I did a comment agreeing with but it seems to have disappeared. So I’ll make it again – I agree with you 100%.

    • It is bizarre to me that the people who have been screaming for years, “Don’t give money to the DNC or the DCCC or the DSCC; give money directly to candidates!!!” (a position I lean towards myself, by the way) are now the same people who are saying, “Fight to take over the DNC!!! Remove the ‘corporatists’ and raise money through small donor contributions!!!!!!” Doesn’t this seem a wee bit contradictory?

      As far as who is the new chair, I don’t really care either. However, if it isn’t Ellison, expect hair-on-fire screaming (which hasn’t really stopped, so I don’t know that we’ll notice) about Establishment!!! And neoliberals!!! And corporatists!!! And…well, it will just be more of the Loud with the usual lack of the Reasoned.

      • {{{DoReMI}}} – Alt Left illogic mirrors the Alt Right illogic. And they’re just as loud about it. If we are to get anything done, make any progress at all, we are going to have to ignore/avoid them. If we are in a place where they can be “sent to time out” if they can’t be civil, wonderful. They will either work with us or leave. If the place prefers to cater to them because they are loudest, well, we will have to resign ourselves to not getting any work done. (Which is why, after all these years, if I can just get the folks on my community needs list situated, I may leave DK completely. Or at most only drop by the pootie diaries.)

    • Well, the DNC has to be all powerful – otherwise bernie woulda won because of course he was the best candidate with the greatest program. If they ever admit the DNC isn’t all powerful, is just an administrative cog in the party machinery, then they would also have to admit that neither the DNC nor Hillary cheated in her very significant win over bernie. And they might have to start questioning their insistence that anybody bernie endorses is messiah-junior and that only DNC cheating keeps those messiah-juniors from winning elections.

      Which means I want somebody with solid organizing experience for the DNC – because organizing is purpose of that particular cog in the party machinery – but I don’t care who. The berners are Alt Left bent more on destroying the party than doing anything to stop the Rs. We’re always going to have to get the job done in spite of them. We will never have their help.

    • {{{Basket}}} – yeah, not any America I’m familiar with. Practically any despotic nation you can name, but not America.

    • Yes, this scares me. I am a lawyer, and I am considering checking w ACLU to make sure that I can refuse by citing my 4th amendment right against arbitrary search and seizure. I think that is the case, but want to be sure.

    • Yup. Another Really Big Fact both sets of Extremists deny because it doesn’t fit their meme of the ‘all-important (only important) white working class male’ voter needing all the sucking up to.

    • Peter Daou is tweeting about CPAC, and his analysis is chilling.

      9. I call it like I see it, and what I saw from Bannon and Priebus at CPAC truly alarmed me. Zero acknowledgment of a valid Dem worldview.— Peter Daou (@peterdaou) February 23, 2017


      Bannon must be stopped, and the ridiculous quest for purity is not going to slow him down. Only sustained resistance, with all hands on deck, is going to do that.

  6. Love the pictures Reese, I hope he’s remembered that way, as a teeny weeny mental piece of shit. I read in various places that his voters are excited and he’s doing all the stuff he promised to do. Or threatened iin my opinion. I think that Bannon is his Cheney, ever urging him on to even worse things.

  7. Great to see this from Reese! I think you are terribly missed at DK, but then that site seems to be going the way of conspiracy and whining. I am pretty tired of the breathless click bait stuff on it.

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