VNV Tuesday: Randomly Random Randomosity

Tornadoes at Sunset
Some days a topic for a post comes easily; other days, no amount of wracking your brain helps, and you end up with a mishmash, a hodgepodge, a melange, a gallimaufry of items. Today is one of the latter days.

If you’re making calls, add this to your list of things to mention.

Despite the headline, it’s not all bad news.

Maria hit VI on 20 September.

Tax reform bill expected to be released Wednesday; warm up your dialing fingers!

I hope we don’t need this, but proactive is better than reactive. Whether it will pass is an entirely different question.

We still have people living with uncertainty every day.

Reminder: these are the same people who haven’t moved on CHIP.


And have a happy Howloween!

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  1. Hiya, DoReMI, thanks for a delightful Village post! Loved the photos of the dogs dressed up. Also—if you have a gorgeous all-black kitty, please keep her inside today and tomorrow. Goddess knows why, but whereas in England black cats are considered to be good luck (if you see one you can be happy all day), here in the Colonies it’s the exact opposite.

    I do love this day of the year, even the non-Pagan version of it called Halloween. Today is the Witches’ New Year. When I had a Circle, we’d break out the nonalky sparkling cider and toast each other and the New Year after our ritual. We did a lot of rituals for 11 years and had some great times.

    There’s not a lot to be happy about this morning, is there? Global warming, no electricity in PR or the VI, the demise of CHIP. The Thugs—I won’t even call them “Rethugs” now—are so selfish and hateful! If only karma would deal with them as they deserve.

    Wishing a blessed Samhain to all who celebrate it.

    • Thanks for the reminder about the all-black kitties. Mine is a 100% indoor cat; in fact, if she had her way, she’d be my 100% lap kitty. The look I get when I have the audacity to stand up!

      The inaction on CHIP really distresses me; it seems to me that renewing and funding the program should be pretty straightforward, and a standalone bill could be pushed through in mere days. Is the lack of action because they want to use CHIP as leverage for something less palatable to Dems? Is it because the majority is incapable of multi-tasking? Is it because the program benefits other-than-billionaires? It just blows my mind that there are “adults” willing to stand by and allow children to suffer.

  2. Good morning, Pond Dwellers, and thank you, DoReMi, for another double delight of deliciousness. Another cool day here in Sac Town. 45 and a high of just 70. What a great week this is starting out to be. I hope your daughter’s wedding was awesome and you’re rested up (takes me close to a week to recuperate from any longish trip).

    I hope with all my heart that the Orange Shitgibbon has a terrible Asian trip. I hope the time changes upsets him because nobody will be up to respond to his tweets in real time. I hope he sleeps awful at night and wakes up everyday to another disaster coming out of the Mueller investigation. I hope he’s unable to get his Faux News fix. I HOPE HE’S MISERABLE!

    Off to refill the cup and get my day up and running.

    • The Kiddo’s wedding was beyond awesome; I told her early on to focus on the ceremony and make it theirs, because while you only have so much control over how the guests react to the reception, the wedding is all yours. They did, and it was…I could burble on for hours about how unique and personal and fun and funny and moving the ceremony was. And the guests really got into the fun of the reception, so that was a success too.

      But yes, I’m only now recovering from the exhaustion. Some of it was emotional letdown, and some of it was physical, but this past weekend I slept 36 out of 48 hours. Other than one quick trip to the grocery store, I never got out of my jammies! In retrospect, I should have taken more time off work instead of plunging right back in; I guess that’s a lesson learned for “next time.”

      I just let the dogs in, and they had a coating of snow on their backs. It’s not going to stick, and it looks like it’s stopped already, but I think I can now say with confidence that fall is here and winter is coming.

      • Definitely take more time off on next wedding. I was already retired, so I had lots of time to recover. I’m glad it turned out great…that day is a memory they will always cherish.

        We’ve got some leaves falling, so guess it’s fall. 😂

  3. {{{DoReMI}}} – thanks for the double duty – and glad you had a good time at the wedding. Yeah, there’s always a letdown after a “production” is finished . Goal met is wonderful – but in many cases working on the goal is also wonderful. Definitely working as a team on a goal is wonderful. So as wonderful as goal met is, as exhausting as getting it done is, there’s always that reluctance to let it go, to let the team go, and resume “ordinary” life. (That’s definitely the cycle that keeps folks in community theater. LOL)

    I’m trying to keep the balance between work and online stuff, between teaching/handing off parts of my job to my successor and not just loading her down with both of our jobs even as she’s trying to teach her job to her successor. I’m not sure how well I’m doing – and trying is keeping me really intermittent in the Village and other DK diaries. Just getting the community links in everywhere sometimes takes over an hour (as it did this morning). Sneaking in phone calls to my congresscritters is getting more and more difficult – with 3 people in the office now, it’s hard to find a full minute to make those calls I shouldn’t be making from work. That is a problem going away in about 8 weeks. unfortunately just the problems with making phone calls during office hours – not the need to make them. sigh.

    Anyway, I need to get back to work. {{{HUGS}}} and Healing Energy to everybody.

    • Bfitz, you nailed it. It’s precisely that post-show letdown that I experienced. I had just thought that since I was a bit player, I wouldn’t feel it as much, but I didn’t factor in not-a-spring-chicken-anymore or the emotional weight of OMG-our-only-child-is-all-grown-up-and-married. Still, it was a magical day; I told my daughter it was the best wedding I’ve ever been to, including mine, and I meant it. I’m pretty sure I’ll be reliving the day in my head for weeks to come.

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