Morning Meese…

I’ve been trying to keep my anger under control by taking time away from everything. With problems in my daily life controlling that anger is getting harder and what is happening in the country just exacerbates my anger. So, sorry for taking time off but I feel I don’t have much choice in the matter.


The Democratic Party is blowing up right in front of our faces. None of the Dems in Congress seem to know what they are doing from one minute to the next and aren’t working together, at lest from what I can see. This latest kerfuffle involving Sen Franken by select members of Congress goes to show just that. Headlined by Kirsten Gillibrand who can’t seem to keep her mouth shut when she should and other Senators following her lead to condemn Sen Franken without due process while not saying anything about Trump or Moore is slowly pissing me off.

They need to get together and fight back against Trump and the Repukes in a concerted effort and quit giving into purity fights because the right wing doesn’t give a shit about their purity. It’s making us look like a bunch of wimps.



Yes Bernie…We’d all like to know



Goddammit…This is the kind of shit that lets my anger start building up…Fuck these cretins…


Only in Ireland…LOL



Fuck you, Bernie!

Fire away




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  1. Good morning, Meese and hi, Batch. I was going to ask how your anger is, but I could see that in your post. You think Franken is innocent (even after 4 woman have come forward). I get that. What I keep in my thoughts is, that it is better for 99 guilty people to be free than one innocent be jailed. We can not dismiss these women just because we like Al. He could have elected to stay in and have his ethics hearing. This was still his choice. Most of the #metoo victims didn’t have a choice.

    38 right now with a projected high of 62. Nice fall weather. Now to coffee and the 🍊

    • Morning Wygal…The problem is that Al’s guilt or innocence wasn’t allowed to play out in the Ethics committee, which he asked for as a person with honor. We can pretty much establish that the first instance, belonging to the Leann Tweeden’s accusations, were a setup by Roger Stone and co. The other accusations have not to my knowledge been vetted as truthful. So what are we to do, believe accusations at face value just because someone, whether it be a woman or a man, says so?

      I don’t think what Ms Gillibrand was doing was anything but grandstanding. The same thing she did when she threw Hillary and Bill under the bus. At that point with the Dem Senators joining her ill conceived stunt, Sen Franken didn’t had much choice but to resign.

      Innocent until proven guilty is still the law and this whole thing has been nothing more Sen Franken being tried in the court of opinion.

  2. Morning meese…79 and rainy here in Tampa…Cold front moving in…Supposed to get down to 40..

  3. {{{Batch}}} – Take care of yourself, please. Rage is always destructive to your health and potentially destructive to other stuff as well. Anger can be channeled so it good to have in bad situations as long as it’s used properly but rage, no. So do whatever you need to do to dial it back down. just please check in with us once or twice a week so we know you’re OK.

    As to Franken – well, it would have been nice if the purity patrol had waited for the Ethics investigation Franken himself called for before sticking in their oars. We do have to be the “good guys” – we can’t play the “yeah, but look at them” game the Rs pull all the effen time. But the folks who bow to the “Dems are guilty until proved innocent and I don’t believe your evidence” are bowing just as much to the Extreme Right as the Extreme Left and doing the Evil Ones’ job for them. Franken basically asked for a trial but the jury of his peers denied him that right and pronounced him guilty without one. (Something has to be even more painful for him than my banning is to me.) That’s the part that really bothers me. There’s a reason why a trial by jury which includes the right to know the exact charges, face the accuser, and present evidence in one’s own defense is written into the constitution.

    But those calling for Franken to resign as well as the rest of us Dems have been calling for investigation into mad king donald’s sexual abuse as well as everything else. So saying that the Dem’s who called for Franken to resign should also call for mad king donald’s is divisive crap – they have been since the beginning. What the ones trying to divide us are doing, well, they’re trying to divert us from calling for a certain other senator who is not a Dem to resign on the same grounds. And I don’t care what they call themselves, they are not Dems.

    Again, please take care of yourself. Healing Energy, lots and lots and lots of it. and moar {{{HUGS}}}

    • {{{Fitz}}} I’ll be fine…I know my limitations and when I’m having trouble falling to sleep becasue all of the crap is bouncing around my empty skull then I know it’s time to take a step back. It’s helped the sleeping problem at least.

      Yeah, I don’t like how this all went down concerning Sen Franken. He was guilty until proven innocent like you stated and what Gillibrand did was wrong in my estimation. Instead of her focusing her imagined purity on Sen Franken she should be focusing her efforts on Trump, Moore, Farenthold and the rest of the right wing. If she and the rest of the Senators that joined her in damning Al don’t turn their sights on the right wing then what they have done will be a wasted effort and the long lasting effects will blow up in the Dems faces while the assholes like Stone will be sitting with smug grins on their faces.

      moar {{{Hugs}}}

        • 8 women have now come forward. Franken (with his family’s support) chose to resign. He could’ve stayed in and insisted on his ethics investigation. His replacement will be a democrat.

          • {{{WYgalinCali}}} – Al resigned because he was becoming the focus. he put country and party before his own welfare. He could have insisted on the Ethics investigation going forward – but he’d already been judged by a jury of his peers, accusations are fine/evidence not required, and instead of the bigger issue of sexual abuse in general being addressed it was all about Al. He’s pretty much derailed that by resigning. It’s now up to those who insisted he should resign before the Ethic committee was even formed to broaden the focus back to the real issue of sexual abuse in our society. We shall see whether or not they do it.

            Human beings are not interchangeable. Yes it’s good Al’s seat will go to a Dem. A greenie. A person who has no Senate experience. Al’s experience running twice, serving under Obama as well as mad king donald, comedic experience calling the Rs to task – all very much needed. All very much gone. We hope for the best as far as what the greenie can bring to the table. And hope for the best that the Senate Dems can regroup under fire and close the gaping hole in the shieldwall Al is leaving. moar {{{HUGS}}}

    • Yes, we have kept the Orange Shitgibbon’s escapades front and center. With the number of women on Franken up to 8, we can’t hide from the possibility that he might be guilty. Will we ever know for sure? He admitted to several of the instances but remembers them a bit differently. So…they did happen.

      Glad to see you bfitz. Hope your recognition dinner was enjoyable.

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