Morning Meese…Another week with more problems that we have to meet head on…Grating on the nerves, and totally disarming to the psyche. It’s what Trump and the Deplorables want though. They think we are just going to give up at a certain point…Not gonna happen…Fight on we must!

Wish more people had listened…Thank you Michelle..You tried to tell everyone!

Fuck Bernie and his single payer…For all your finger pointing and running at the mouth we are looking at this, Fuckin Bernie. We’re fighting against this while you continue to run your big mouth. You need to have this plastered to your ceiling so you get to wake up each day and see what you are helping do to our country you piece of shit.

Good breakdown and rant of Trump trying to bend the law to suit his needs once again…



This is your Friday open thread…Fire away!


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  1. {{{Batch}}} – thanks for the TGIF. Barack Obama paid attention to history. I’m not going into the good-bad discussion on NAFTA, just saying Bill thought it was important and asked Hillary to pull back on UHC until 1994 – if he hadn’t we wouldn’t be having any of these discussions about ObamaCare and SP because we’d all have been covered by HillaryCare for over a decade. Obama made ACA, as close to UHC as we could get under the circumstances, his number one priority after dealing with the Recession – and with the help of Dems in Congress (especially the leadership skills of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid) got it done. What folks don’t tend to remember is the ACA was in the works before Obama was elected. He and Hillary both had input into the bill that eventually became the ACA.

    Here’s where we love – and follow the lead – of Hillary Clinton. She really won’t stay throwed. When HillaryCare went down, she mourned and took a (very) little time to deal with the emotional blow – then went to work on CHIP. And added groups (first responders, coast guard, etc) as she could while in the Senate. Expanded coverage to State dept employees while she was SoS. And now, when the Deplorables managed to slam her against a wall again, after her very short considering mourning period and time in the woods, she’s already back at work on essentially voting rights and honest government. If somebody hits you just as you are taking your leap so you don’t make it, well, you get up and figure out how the heck to get closer some other way. And that’s what we are doing.

    arabian and Dem both yesterday tried to reach out to the Extreme Lefties on DK yesterday. arabian did her diary in the daytime so we could support her. Dem did his late last night – 62 comments and 4 recs at the moment (one of which is mine from first thing this morning). Very good and loving people – but i wish they’d quit reaching out to people who are going to do nothing but slap them for it. They don’t seem to have any sense of self-preservation (well, I know Dem doesn’t) – Moose and Squirrel are places we can work on getting rid of the Rs because everybody at both sites agree that getting rid of the Rs is Job One. At DK a lot of potential work is hampered because you’ve got to defend your flank as well as worry about the enemy in front of you. sigh.

    Gotta get to work Healing Energy to everybody because we all need it. {{{Moose Villagers}}}

    • {{{fitz}}} I donated to Melissa last night…Wasn’t much, 25, but since I got on his fixed income with SSI I can’t afford much…Hope it helps her out…Tell her we care…moar{{{{Hugs}}}

      • Thank you so much – every little bit helps. I called her last night – she wasn’t responding to the emails – and yes, it helps and the fact that we care helps even more. She was doing much better by the time we got off the phone.

        The rent and bank overdraft are the urgent ones – because the bank gets 1st dibs but the rent is due on the 1st – utilities, gas, and groceries can be dealt with as needed throughout the month. Her son had a job interview yesterday afternoon. It’s the 3rd round with the same company so we are seriously hoping. Even a beginner-level job will bring in something once he’s been there through a full pay cycle. Her Social Security doesn’t start until mid August but she can re-apply for unemployment and food stamps in July which with even a little help from her son should carry them until the Social Security starts. So we will all hold the Good Thought in whichever way we do that this will be the last time she’ll need the fundraiser. moar {{{HUGS}}} and thanks again.

        • YW fitz…Why the SSI not starting until August…I applied in January and got my first deposit in February.

          • Because you’re special? Maybe she’s applying for disability and not regular SS? Good question.

          • Because she didn’t understand how the system works. They asked her when she wanted it to start. Well, she wanted it to start so she could pay her July rent with it so she said July. They didn’t tell her until after it was processed and approved that “start in July” means 1st payment in August. They also didn’t tell her that the check comes the week of your birthday, not on the first.

            you know, under Bill Clinton the Social Security Administration was ranked in the top 10 for customer service. Never before and never since. Bill’s slogan was “Putting People First” – he wasn’t always wise about how to do it, but he definitely meant it.

          • They’ve got a rotation – they need one with over 5 million folks getting checks every month – I thought it was based on when your birth date is but since I’m not getting it yet, I’m not totally sure what it is.

    • I just went to read Dems diary and some of the worst are picking fights with him…I think they are trying to get him BOJO’d…unfortunately Dem is taking the bait…I uprated one of the flagged comments but I couldn’t the others because they were flag worthy…it seems like an old argument from other diaries spilling over into this one…I actually thought the diary was thoughtful and had some good points but he was immediately dumped on…

      • He publishes late at night – when he can’t sleep and tries to connect. Most of us are offline then but the XLs are lying in wait. They are trying to get him banned and they’ll probably manage it, just because he’s so wide open. {{{shenagig}}}

        • They are trying to get him banned and they’ll probably manage it, just because he’s so wide open.

          I feel you are right there…{{{bfitzinAR}}}

  2. Thank you, Batch, and good morning to all. Busy, busy, busy, so I’ll be scarce today, but I’ll take advantage of the few moments I have.

    The Kobach Commission is chilling and scary. There is no way I want the non-public information made available to those people. I work hard enough to protect those parts of my privacy without handing it over to people that have proven to be untrustworthy. And really…why do they need it other than to continue their suppression efforts? Sadly, we have a R SoS in MI, so I won’t be surprised if they hand all the records over without a moment’s hesitation.

    I read Arabian’s diary (haven’t read Dem’s yet) and talked to her about it briefly via kosmail. The bottom line for me is that I’m not ready for a kumbaya moment as long as the attacks on the very existence of the Village continue. I get that Integritty hasn’t been around lately and hasn’t seen our evolution, but the fact that s/he felt it necessary to whinge even a tiny bit and describe us as one of the primary groups raised my hackles.

    Another driving motivation for me is that I don’t do rough-and-tumble on social media. Even on Twitter, which is Rough-and-Tumble Central, I avoid the ongoing “conversations” between purists and…anybody. I will often read them but don’t feel compelled to reply. Some people enjoy that; more power to them. I don’t and will continue to avoid conflict on any social media platform. As I told Arabian, I will have those conversations face-to-face, But for me, social media is a format that drives conflict, rather than resolves it, so count me out.

    • I agree completely with everything you just said. I, too, don’t read the comments in tweets. If I want to reply, I do, but I don’t read others unless they respond to me. It just gets your anger up and who needs that? I use it mostly for the articles.

      As for the Village? They keep coming in (the one who wanted the little bit about supporting Hillary removed and then it would be an awesome tool of resistance for everyone?) They can just kiss my posterior, if you will. Have a great weekend, DoReMi.

      • I wonder if they’ve noticed my little addition to the “all are welcome” on my Thursday and Friday diaries? heh.

        • I wonder if one will pop in to give us an update on how we’re doing soon? It’s so tiresome. If we took that out, it would be something else we need to “fix”. So they can go f*ck themselves (pardon my French).

    • I don’t know if you guys noticed people like benny05 in the Village being nice…he posted a link to Hillary’s speech and had a few semi-positive things about the speech which shocked me…last night someone posted at the Squirrel a link to a diary he had posted at caucus99 or some such site…it had all the semi-positive things but filled in with more “she’s out of touch” BS because she didn’t bring up the net neutrality fight and blah blah rich neo-libral who can buy what ever she needs…made some snide remarks about the Village as well…leopards don’t change their spots do they?

  3. Good morning, Batch and fellow Meese. Thanks for your usual cornucopia of stories. I see you were channeling my thoughts last night on that Brennan Center piece. Four states have now gone on record refusing to hand over voters information. California, Virginia, Connecticut and Kentucky (that one surprised me). I have no doubt that more will do so. Even more republican states (since some of them hate government overreach, and this is exactly that combined with voter suppression).

    High of 96 expected today but a cool 58 right now. A perfect morning for a walk.

  4. Hi Batch! Thanks for the Friday rant! In sympatico with you.

    Haven’t been to DK yet and reading yall’s comments here I’m cringing.

    I have work over my head and want to steal some time this weekend for spiritual refreshment (away from his orangeness and the gop goons).

    Love to all my Village Meeses and Peeps!

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