Morning meese…Sorry about last week..First time for everything I suppose…Back to my old irritable self…

Seems we can’t go one damn day without something stupid happening. This is mostly because we have an empty headed buffoon in the WH but we’ve been seeing this be the norm for decades as the Conservative right has gotten worse with every day, month and year since President Clinton was in office. Now that their plans to take over the Gov’t by cheating is being derailed, since they sold their souls to Russia to get the deplorable Bum elected and their rottenness is front and center, we are being given a fighting chance to shove them back under the rocks they slithered out from.

Us meese, being endowed with mega common sense and a love for all, have seen this shift coming on and have fought against the take over. We succeeded with electing Bill and Barack but have been derailed by a bunch of fools otherwise. The fools say they stand with us and then ruin everything because of their puritanical bullshit. They have been thorns in out sides to getting a country that works for everyone. You know all the suspects…Sarandon has pulled her head out of her ass to run her mouth in 2000 and 2016. She needs to go to the garbage bin. We need to shut Bernie and his rats down which I see is gaining momentum as they keep getting foot in mouth disease.

Things are looking up as Barack and Hillary are back and showing they are the grownups while Bum and the Republicans are showing they haven’t a clue. Our voices have made a difference. Let’s keep going forward together.


Oh yeah…Great damn thread…


Looks like it’s thread day…Another great thread.


I miss Barack Obama…He inspires with his words!


Oh please let this be true…It would be a monumental ass whipping…Fuck you Cenk!


Holy shit…This is the beginning of the end for Trump…



I couldn’t resist…LOL




Fuck you Bernie


Fire away!



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    • {{{Batch}}} – Thank you for the birthday wishes. I just got back from a very extended coffee break with RonK and his friend who’s a retired Psych professor from here which I enjoyed very much. I’ve got a bunch of birthday ecards I haven’t had a chance to listen to yet – but I’m gonna. :)

      As to the political situation i’m going to come back to what I’ve been saying for years – about 25 of them in fact – 5 RW corporations own 90% of the media and influence the rest. They are the one sowing division between us and our natural allies – and turning our relationships with those who would be allies on some things if not most things into enmity. until we can find a way to circumvent the media and then break up that consortium we need to be very careful to check out the entirety of what someone says and not just accept the soundbite. (Which doesn’t mean we aren’t right about them – just means we need to double-check before we react. Unfortunately it also means we need to be prepared to block attacks from those who do not return the courtesy. sigh) moar {{{HUGS}}}

  1. Good morning, Meese, and thanks, Batch for another TGIF rant. Glad you’re almost 100% (you only said f*ck once, if I counted right). 😂I think even those who may not be Obama’s fans can recognize the difference between the parties. Oh, what might have been.

    I’m monitoring my own diary, so will read the threads in between all the other stories. 50 degrees right now with a projected high of 66. Rain on the coast, good news for the fires. Too bad it’s back to the 80’s next week.

  2. Batch, hey, what a great morning rant! (Although it’s tea time where I am, actually.)

    LOVED your words and also the photos at the end of two of my favorite people!

    Thank you. Have a great weekend, my friend.

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