Good morning meese!!!



Since I’m in one of my moods today…

This puts a smile on my face even though it’s missing about 50 deplorables….Can’t happen soon enough.




For Sher!!! To cut a long story short I’ve had another mama cat come up on the porch and since I’m such a pushover I started feeding her. She went into labor late Monday afternoon and here is the result…4 beautiful kittehs and all seem to be doing great.


You don’t say…It’s been obvious for as long as she’s been there.


Hey Rudy, keep talking, you’re doing such a good job and Avenatti is taking you to the cleaners.







Hey Bernie!




Have a great weekend!

Fire away!

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  1. Good morning, Batch. Thanks for the kittehs and the good news. There’s a couple of stories I’ll be back to read. It’s going to be 85 today. Too warm for the first part of May.

  2. {{{Batch}}} thanks for the Friday roundup – and update on Momma Cat II and kittens. How are Momma Cat I and her kitten doing? Or did you find homes for them? Hope the day goes well for you and the little squeakers. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Dragging up the rear as usual, but it’s still morning, so I’ll count this as a win. And Batch…I had no idea you were a Cat Whisperer! I’m so glad these mamas are finding you and your kind, generous heart. I want to scoop you up and give you a big cuddle almost as much as I want to do that with the mama and babies! ;D

    Michael Avenatti strikes me as a bit of a blowhard and a definite showman, but by all accounts, he’s also an excellent lawyer. At this point, I think it’s more likely that 45* is brought down (although not necessarily out of office) by Avenatti and/or Schneiderman than by Mueller. Mueller’s work will, imho, more about establishing the historical record of malfeasance and establishing greater understanding of the machinations of Putin and Co. I’m still waiting for a Republican to show some country-over-party allegiance, but while we all wait, I’m convinced there wouldn’t be a hope in hell of that happening if it weren’t for the work of Mueller.

    Is anyone finding the font different and smaller than usual? I wonder if this was a Batch-made change, something I did, or something Jan did?

    • Morning Sher…I think it’s something to do with the format, wordpress, because I found it to be smaller too and had to zoom to accommodate my tired old eyes.

    • On an iPad, they’re all small so I’m not the one who should answer this question.

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