Morning meese!

What a completely demoralizing week…but we persist. DD(DumDonnie) thinks he can shock us into giving up…He’s got another thing coming..The dipshit works for us even though he seems to think he’s boss and we work for him. Not the way it works in our democracy.




This is awesome!



I’m not going to be here this morning as I have a doctor appointment at 8 AM so you’re on your own.


Fire away!








































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64, Life long Democrat...Kossack ex-pat...fed up with the puritanical leftists wanting to destroy our Party.


  1. Thanks, Batch! Dear Goddess, cutting Medicare and Medicaid—the Rethugs must want to be thrown out of office. They’re asking for it!

    What a bunch of vile pond scum amoebae. (Is that a word?)

    Hope all goes well at the doctor’s office, and we appreciate the post!

  2. {{{Batch}}} – hope your doctor’s office visit goes well. Thanks for putting together the TGIF post. Our folks are the ones who have to get angry and get to the polls. The Rs will vote R – doesn’t matter what is being done to them. Especially if Deplorable govt is very publicly doing things to hurt POC. That’s why the Rs elected this lot. They truly do not care if their own Medicare or Social Security is cut, if the economy tanks, as long as POC are being hurt. Evil bastids. I wish there was some way to isolate them from human society. Let them play “Lord of the Flies” amongst themselves. And keep the rest of us safe. moar {{{HUGS}}}

    • {{{Fitz}}} I had to go into the VA clinic…Since I went in the other week with the back pain I guess they want to do a full eval. So, they took all my blood…6 vials… LOL….Have to go back on July 3rd to see the doc and find out if there isn’t anything wrong with me I don’t already know about… :)

      I’ve got pretty much faith we’ll take back both houses of Congress in Nov, especially if the morons on the right keeps pushing their newest budget bill trying to take trillions from Medicare and Medicaid. It might pass the house which will piss off all the seniors but it will never pass the Senate. moar {{{Hugs}}}

  3. Thanks, Batch…TGIF indeed. This week has been so long that I was almost late for work this morning, because I was absolutely convinced in my sleep-fogged mind that today was Saturday. It has been a reallllly long week!

    I was thinking about going to a protest tomorrow, but I’m staying home instead. The weeds in my gardens are so out-of-control that it’s hard to tell if there are any perennials at all. This is what happens when every moment of your spring is spent in the sewing room…now I have to play catch up. Fortunately, the highs all weekend are in the low 70s, so I can play catch up without having to sweat to death. (I had hoped to make a dent last weekend, but Saturday it rained so much that even on Sunday it was too wet to work.) I’m rather looking forward to it even though there is a ton of work. It’s pleasant to consider that I’ll be physically tired rather than just emotionally exhausted. Feel free to remind me of this statement if you see me bitching about being sore on Monday!

    And now back to work…

  4. Hi meese…Back home and in one piece…Just wanted blood…Took 6 vials so I’m translucent… :)

    Really good thread by AB…

    • Go Aphra! And whoever did this, besides being deplorable, is stupid. Joining the military is a choice, and anyone with half a brain considers the inherent, known risks before doing so. The folks coming with their children had no way of knowing that our government would do this to them; even most Americans didn’t know until a few weeks ago.

      Additionally, I HATE the adulation that is heaped on our service members just because they’ve served/are serving; I even get it occasionally if I use my military ID for anything (usually to get a discount at a chain store). “Thank you for your service”? I have an orange ID, so no, I didn’t serve; I was just along for the ride. I know it’s all well-meaning, but it’s become so prevalent that now I just find it a bit creepy.

      • Hi Sher…I’ve about had it with their stupid whataboutism…Another way that the berners and the trumpers are the same deplorable asswipes.

  5. Boo fucking hoo….With what they are doing to our country did they think they were going to get sympathy.

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