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Morning Meese…

Another week of the fast and furious news cycle we seem to be caught in lately. Funny how becasue of Thing and his minions all the deplorables are coming out of the woodwork left and right. From adulterers to rapists to child molesters to outright criminals all being outed as what and who they are…Deplorable assholes.


Seems fitting that most if not all are Conservatives and getting what is coming to them. The morons speaking for them like this asshole are beyond anything I can make sense of…


The evangelical non christian right are showing their true colors in amazing and truly frightening ways and these are the people that want us to bow down to their way of thinking…Sorry, assholes, it ain’t happening, ever.


Maybe this is something that is good in all this mess…The worthless bastards are getting outed and we can bury them and be done with it. Not what anyone wanted to go through but it didn’t seem like it was going to happen until Trump. So thank you Thing for driving the deplorable people out of the woodwork out in to the light so we can get rid of them, including yourself.


I don’t think I would be saying this before Tuesday and our glorious trouncing that we administered on the Republicans and no Bernie, you didn’t have anything to do with it.


All of what happened Tuesday and with all of the deplorables looking at public shaming for their actions I’m looking at 2018 as a banner year for us. I can see the House and the Senate turning blue and putting a stop to any further damage and allowing us to retake the WH in 2020 and start to fix what the Republicans have fucked up once again.





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It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday – The Letter

The Village News & Views November 8, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings, Village. It’s Day 293 of the Resistance and time for your final Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread.

I usually include a link to I think after all this time you can find it for yourselves now.

As for what the fuck just happened on Monday, November 6th, something bad. Something unconscionable. Something evil. If every act of kindness is an act of #Resistance, then every act of cruelty helps the Republican agenda.

Unfortunately my MIL is still in the hospital in ICU and I have run out of time, energy and positive intent to meet all my obligations, so I am surrendering my Wednesday posting slot to whomever may wish to pick it up. If I may, I will support the community as best I can with recs and the occasional comment but for now that will likely be in thought and spirit rather than in text and pixels.

I haven’t come empty handed though. These are lyrics to a song I wrote in 1991, when I was one third of an all female rock band. Perhaps there will be something somewhere in it for you.

Cat and other memes will, of course, precede, and follow.


VNV Tuesday – Poetic Justice 11/7/17

An excerpt from the poem The Welder by Cherrie Moraga; the complete poem can be found here: The Welder

…I am now
coming up for air
Yes, I am
picking up the torch.

I am the welder.
I understand the capacity of heat
to change the shape of things.
I am suited to work
within the realm of sparks
out of control.

I am the welder.
I am taking the power
into my own hands.


Morning Meese!


Rant time…Got to get this shit out of my system…I’m angry becasue of the asswipe we have in the WH…angry because of the dipshit Republicans that are doing nothing but having a circle jerk and letting the already mentioned asswipe ruin our way of life…angry at the MSM for normalizing the asswipe…we used to be able to depend on some of the media but it doesn’t seem as if that’s true anymore. Even reliable liberal media, not all, is untrustworthy from day to day.

I’ve been nice so far because Miss Hillary has been in my lap with her motor running…She got up and left…all semblance of nice has disappeared. :)

But most of all I am angry about the lack of anything resembling brains in the people that are supposed to be progressing our liberal agenda. Tom Perez has been a complete failure…what the fuck Ellison is doing is anyone’s guess since I haven’t heard him mentioned once since taking his position…The DNC might as well close shop becasue they have lost the base and with the lack of leadership won’t be getting the base back anytime soon…Donna Brazile can fuck off…Liz can fuck off…Bernie can fuck off and die and take all his rats with him. Any Democrat that demonizes Hillary or the base can fuck off including our estranged Uncle Joe. I’m too pissed off to pick out any more right now but they know who they are and will not be getting anything but ridicule moving forward.


Right now our aim should be to support Bob Mueller and his quest to tie all the motherfuckers up into knots and deliver them to jail. Our aim should be to support Democratic candidates running in their quest for office.


Thanks for the togetherness we’ve formed for the last year…I don’t believe I would have lasted the last year without you all…



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It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday – Hall Pass

The Village News & Views November 1, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings, Village Meese. It’s Day 286 of the Resistance and time for another Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread.

I’m afraid yours truly has hit the proverbial wall in terms of energy, and coherency. Family member is still in the hospital, back in ICU as of last night. So I beg your forgiveness for this extremely basic anchor post for your Wednesday #Resistance meet and discuss thread. Hopefully next week I will be able to offer something more interesting, but in the meantime, there are certainly enough developments to keep the conversation going – or give yourselves a free day to relax and exchange personal news and tidbits of interest.

You know I’m now and always #StillWithYou.

Day 285: Covfefe boy.








Morning meese…


Well, the deflections are starting to get more absurd as the days progress. Once they brought Hillary deflections back we wonder if it’s becasue she’s back and getting more vocal and they want to denounce what Hillary is saying by trying to stifle her? Me thinks they are wasting their time as Hillary isn’t going away and all it’s going to do is make us fight them that much harder. If anything it’s going to show the truth that Hillary is who we know her to be and it’s going to end up showing everything they’ve said about her for the last 30 years are all lies.

I expect the deflections to become an everyday thing with the craziest yet to come. Trump is guilty as sin and more people are starting to realize that. I’m wondering when there is going to be an investigation in the death of Abraham Lincoln. I’m sure the Republicans and Trump will try to make a case that it was the Democrats who shot Lincoln. Anything to waste money and try and get everyone to forget Trump is even in the White House. Of course that a fools errand since Trump can’t shut up long enough to let one of his stupidities to sink in before a new one passes his lips.

So the next few weeks are looking good for our side as long as we keep the pressure on Trump and the Repukes.


Mr Mueller…Please, hurry the hell up!














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It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday – You Might Be A Witch

The Village News & Views October 25, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings, Village Meese. It’s Day 279 of the Resistance and time for another Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread.

In one week it will be November first, and we will be sadly out of the season of Halloween. I pondered what to use as my thought object for today’s post and decided I could not miss the chance to draw your attention to yet one other thing associated with Halloween. Sometimes considered a monster, predominantly characterized as evil, yet perhaps the single most enduring image and standard Halloween costume for little girls, older girls and women of all ages… no, not a princess.

You already know I am talking about the original Nasty Woman. The Witch.

I will not attempt to explore the archetype, idea and character of The Witch in any satisfying way, but merely to evoke her in your imagination, and let that magical process do most of the rest of the work.

After all, Imagination is the bedrock component of spellwork and witchcraft, along with secrecy, and intent.

Although witches have been slightly rehabilitated and a serious attempt has been made to reclaim The Witch in the name of feminine empowerment, after centuries of relentless effort on the part of those who present her as a monster, this image cannot be undone in a mere few decades. It is possible that it will not be undone until such time as women are no longer considered chiefly objects, servants, and of less worth than their male counterparts by none but a pathetic minority. However that time is not yet nigh.

Until women are seen by the majority of people as full human beings, The Witch will be a convenient image of ugliness, evil, the feminine become threatening, poisonous and castrating.

At the same time, for the same duration, however, The Witch will be the original figure of feminine Resistance. Independent, powerful, wise, and a channel for the forces of the natural world.

The Witch takes a pot for cooking and it becomes a cauldron for the mixing of remedies, and spells. The Witch takes a broom, the emblem of servitude, and with it, she flies.

So this Halloween season, take a moment of thought for The Witch. You might know one. You might be one. In fact, in the present climate it’s quite possible you may someday soon find that you need one.

And now for your regularly scheduled randomness.

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