It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village is a reminder of Democratic Party values – especially the values of long time Democrats whose lives have been dedicated to helping people.


Morning meese…Reading “What Happened” is cathartic. I can hear Hillary reading me the words as if she’s with me. It’s truly amazing in that I’ve read a couple 1000 books but never have read one until now where I’ve gotten the feeling that the author was actually reading it to me instead of me just reading. I’ve gotten similar feelings reading some of the books I’ve read before but this is just different and richly rewarding.

From “What Happened”

I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work, the more I live. Life is no “brief candle” to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment;and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.

George Bernard Shaw

So now it’s on to the Bum’s tax plan. His plan to screw all of us and award the 1% becasue they are so demonized.


As for the R’s and their terrible try at killing healthcare…


Always like listening to Keith’s concise breakdowns…





Bye Roy, you asshole.



Thread about that Fuckin Bernie and his deplorable berners…


Sorry to hear this and hope she beats the cancer…

Great response and tribute from Uncle Joe!



This is you friday open thread.

Fire away!




It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday – Abby Someone

The Village News & Views September 27, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings, Village Meese. It’s Day 251 of the Resistance and time for another Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread.

Our fellow citizens and fellow humans in Puerto Rico are desperate and suffering, and our Resident is tweeting about football players taking a knee in protest of police violence. Our country is in the throes of a terrible struggle with its soul and identity, and the struggle is real, and it continues.

We continue the Good Fight, and #Resist with all the energy we can gather as we assist each other to persist.

Somewhere, Robert Mueller continues his work.

And now for your regularly scheduled randomness.

WTFJH Yesterday – Day 250: Height of hypocrisy.

Rantt – Special Counsel Robert Mueller Is Closing In On The White House


It Takes A Village – VNV Tuesday: The Explainers 9/26/17

Inspired by WYGal’s Friday post at DK which featured the Helpers, today I am going to focus on the Explainers. Unlike WYGal’s theme, this won’t be an ongoing series, but I want to focus on the authors/writers/groups/publications which provide us with information and fresh perspectives, and contribute to one’s growth as an informed citizen and resister. Please feel free to add threads, posts, articles, or recommended follows which you’ve found to be useful Explainers.


Morning Meese, I got my copy of “What Happened” yesterday. I’ve read the first 30 pages and have gone through all the emotions…Love, hate, compassion, anger, happiness, sadness, optimism..Just in those first pages you can feel Hillary conveying them in her words. Going to be hell getting through this book I can see already. By page 21 I had already had to pull the tissues out. I think it will be cathartic for all of us to read it as I am sure it was for Hillary writing it. I can see by the time I finish I’ll probably be as angry as I’ve ever been by what has been taken from us but hopefully energized to push forward, stronger together.



The insidious bastards on the right will try anything to ram their crap down our throats…I say bullshit.


Go auntie go…The only people that deny your claim are the traitor Repukes.


More underhanded bullshit from the right…


From her mouth to god’s ear…



Fuck the Koch brothers!


Good thread showing Trump’s words are taken as truth by NK and Kim will play them for all they are worth.


I’ll close the thread with a sentiment we can all get behind…


My assistant, Miss Hillary, got all tuckered out helping with TGIF.


That’s all folks…Fire away!
















It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday – You Shall Not Pass

The Village News & Views September 20, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings, Village Meese. It’s Day 244 of the Resistance and time for another Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread.

If today’s banner looks familiar, it’s because I decided to re-use an old one. Two reasons: one, I’m swamped and tired, and two, we are right back at the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, also known as Durin’s Bridge, ALSO known as THE REPEAL AND “REPLACE(HAHA)” OF OBAMACARE.

This time it’s called #GrahamCassidy.

You known what is going on, you know what is needed. If anyone is confused, comment and someone will help you out.

And now for your regularly scheduled randomness.

WTFJH Yesterday – Day 243: Wiretapped.

Why Did The FISA Court Okay All This Wiretapping? A Lawsplainer!

Don’t let Gandalf’s sacrifice be in vain!!!!

It Takes A Village – VNV Tuesday: What Sewing and Politics Have in Common 9/19/18

If only my sewing room were this organized…

 Normally, I write my posts here and then copy and paste them for the DK Village. For whatever reason, today I wrote up my DK post first, and once I was done, I realized I didn’t really want to do the same thing here. So indulge me, even if you don’t sew…


Morning meese…

What a week…Irma royally fucked up this week. From worrying I was going to end up like Dorothy spinning around in the air and see Fuckin Bernie on his bicycle to having to deal with the aftermath…All is well though, well except that the Donald and Bernie show is still playing to hoards of assholes.

Hillary has brightened up the week by going into her IDGAF mode and it’s glorious…

Looks like Bernie is getting flack from various sources…YAY!




This is your Friday open thread….Fire away!

It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday – Still With Her

The Village News & Views September 13, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings, Village Meese. It’s Day 237 of the Resistance and time for another Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread.

Books! Books are cool. Some books are good, some are bad, some are funny, some are silly, some are serious, some are boring.

I know about books! I worked for 10 years at a public library! First, I shelved them, then I checked them out to people, then I supervised the circulation desk of a branch library.

I was surrounded on all sides by books!

Before that, I read a lot of books. Book were my friends, educated me, kept me company when I was lonely (and I was lonely a lot), fed my imagination and gave me comfort.

So I’m down with books.

Nowadays, I read digital format. I love being able to carry 50 books around in a small tablet form. I used to carry thick paperbacks around everywhere but that was quite a while ago. Hardbacks rarely, since I’ve generally had to watch my spending. Also, they are arm and shoulder breakers.

Books can carry all kinds of information, and some of that information is very useful and helpful to the Resistance.

Today, let’s share our favorite Resistance related books!

And now for your regularly scheduled randomness.

WTFJH Yesterday – Day 236: Clandestine Efforts.

Wonkette – The 19 Books Hillary Clinton Should Write Next

Shakesville – Hello

It Takes A Village – VNV Tuesday: Book Release Day

Today’s the day that some have been waiting for and others have been dreading; with all the differences of opinion, one thing that is certain is that very, very few have actually read The Book. Yes, a bookstore in Florida sold some copies early (that’s how some CNN reporters got their copies), and a few more pundits were given advance copies with embargo conditions. And yes, some excerpts were released early; approximately four pages out of 512. We know those excerpts have stirred up controversy in the media and on Twitter, but what’s different this time around is that there has been significant, astute, and articulate pushback. Today I’m posting some of the best.