It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village is a reminder of Democratic Party values – especially the values of long time Democrats whose lives have been dedicated to helping people.

VNV Tuesday – When the Children March 3/20/18

Sculpture dedicated to the Foot Soldiers of the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement. Kelly Ingram Park, Birmingham, Alabama

In the spring of 1963, the leadership of the SCLC and SNCC were determined to move on Birmingham, AL, viewed as the most dangerous city in Alabama (in part because it was the power base of Bull Connor). There were concerns that the Movement had stalled. Less than a year earlier, attempts had been made to desegregate facilities in Albany, GA, but the Albany police chief, Laurie Pritchett, had stymied their efforts at gaining national attention by meeting non-violent direct action with his own tactics of non-violence. Although protesters had been arrested, violence was kept at a minimum, and protesters were dispersed to jails throughout Georgia, depriving them of the ability to continue their protests in the jails. The leadership knew that Bull Connor, Birmingham’s racist Commissioner of Public Safety, would show no such restraint. If national attention was to be gained, and if the Kennedy Administration was to be pushed into action, it would take a major, but dangerous, push in Birmingham.


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HNV Thursday – Trailblazers: Women’s Political Council of Montgomery 3/15/18

Leaflet issued by the Women’s Political Council calling for a boycott of Montgomery busses.

There are trailblazers and torchbearers. The trailblazer is the pioneer; the torchbearer follows and amplifies the path of the trailblazer. (There is no judgment implied in these designations, and one can be a trailblazer at one moment, while a torchbearer at another.) The students who sat at lunch counters in Greensboro and Nashville were trailblazers; one could make the argument that the Freedom Riders were torchbearers. Moms Demand Action/Everytown for Gun Safety are trailblazers; the students of Parkland and the March for Our Lives are carrying the torch. The Women’s Political Council of Montgomery, AL and Claudette Colvin, Mary Louise Smith, and Rosa Parks were trailblazers; Dr. King and the residents of Montgomery, who organized and conducted the Montgomery bus boycott, were the torchbearers. Today’s post is about the Women’s Political Council, without whom there would never have been a Montgomery bus boycott.

Downsizing and Moving: Dreams vs Reality 3/13/18

Open concept; unified color theme; minimal clutter. What more could a person want? (Pets, children, and red wine drinkers not allowed.)

There’s not going to be a political post today for the Village; I once again swapped my day with janesaunt at DK, so Thursday will be my Village political post both here and at the Orange. In the meantime, since so many of us are involved with or considering downsizing, moving, and decluttering, I thought it would be a good time to review many of the hints and tips available to us from the HGTV-like perspective, as well as the “been there, done that, still don’t have my own tv show” viewpoint.

The Dream: The KonMari Method of Decluttering
One of the tenets of Marie Kondo’s Japanes method of decluttering is to hold each object in your hand and ask yourself if the item sparks joy. If it does, it’s a keeper; if not, it gets tossed.

The Reality: There’s a Method?
And do bags count as an object, or do we have to open them up and hold each individual piece that was jammed into them 5-10 years ago?


The Dream: KonMari not for you? Use the Toss, Donate, or Save approach.
This is a way to declutter that is more clinical than emotional. Decisions still need to be made, but with boxes clearly marked as toss, donate, or save, the pressure is on.

The Reality: Check your local ordinances.


The Dream: Stainless steel appliances are still high on homebuyers’ wish lists.

The Reality: Does this count?


The Dream: When preparing your home for sale, it should be depersonalized so that potential buyers can envision it as their space, rather than as your home.

The Reality: Stock up on spackle, find the touch-up paint, and plan on spending hours patching holes.


The Dream: When selling one’s home, paint walls in neutral colors and utilize pops of color in your decor.

The Reality: Oh, c’mon…just took down all the pictures and patched the holes, and now it’s time to make my home look like a rental apartment? If bold is good enough for this house, it’s good enough for mine!


The Dream: If you have a room that has become a dumping ground, clean it out and give it a defined purpose.

The Reality: Your realtor might cry.


The Dream: Be creative, and keep to a budget by upcycling or repurposing existing pieces.
Wine rack used to display towels

The Reality: Or not…

Happy spring cleaning, decluttering, staging, or moving!


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The investigation seems to be moving along quite nicely.Seems like everyone and his brothers mother is being investigated for a lot of different offenses. How Mueller is keeping it all in order and moving along smoothly is very impressive.

I’ve been thinking Tad has already been questioned or we would have seen his name come up before now seeing as how he and Manafort and Gates were in cahoots together in Ukraine. I hope Bozo is tossing and turning in the wind worrying about what Tad knows and what he’s done becasue we all suspect by now that Manafort was using Tad to use Bozo.

I’ve been thinking that this whole mess was started by Putin years ago. Maybe as far back as 2011 when Trump started talking about running in 2016 and he’s been Putins stooge ever since..What happened was the perfect storm for them when Hillary won the nomination. IF you really think about it the Republicans are so afraid of Hillary they have been demonizing her since the 90’s because they saw the day she would run for President. We knew how impressive she was back then and still is.

If a lot of people in the country weren’t so goddamned stupid Hillary would be President and nothing that has happened in the last 13 months would have.

Fuck the Conservatives and all the faux Christians…



You know something is really wrong with Huck when the Country Music Association says he’s too conservative..


Dumbest asshole ever born…Hard to fathom that the other idiots in the WH are as stupid.


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Morning Meese…

Lots of stuff happening to give us smiles in the last week or so after so much sorrow with the kids getting killed by a weapon that should be illegal to own.

Bobby Mueller has been breaking bad on Dotard associates and implicating Bozo in his indictments as likely knowing what was going on. Of course Bozo tried unsuccessfully to blame Hillary…Of course he did…Nothing is ever Bozo’s fault, just ask him.

Looks like Manafort and Gates are toast…Here’s hoping Tad’s name comes up soon in Mueller’s investigation as we all know he’s as crooked as Manafort. The added joy that when the investigation turns to Tad it can’t help but embroil Bozo right in the middle. Bad days ahead I suspect for Bozo which make me a happy camper.

Wondering though, what’s going on with Mike Flynn?…We haven’t heard much of anything about Flynn in quite a few weeks.

Here’s hoping for another good week from Bobby…Might even get a new round of indictments today!!!!


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HNV Tuesday – Speaking Her Truth: Diane Nash (1938- )

Years later though she could recall almost every physical detail of what it had been like to sit there in that course on English literature, Diane Nash could remember nothing of what Professor Robert Hayden had said. What she remembered instead was her fear. A large clock on the wall had clicked slowly and loudly; each minute which was subtracted put her nearer to harm’s way….It was always the last class that she attended on the days that she and her colleagues assembled before they went downtown and challenged the age-old segregation laws at the lunch counters in Nashville’s downtown shopping center. No matter how much she steeled herself, no matter how much she believed in what they were doing, the anticipatory fear never left her.
Excerpt from the prologue of The Children by David Halberstam