It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village is a reminder of Democratic Party values – especially the values of long time Democrats whose lives have been dedicated to helping people.


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VNV Tuesday – Lessons Learned: An Early Retrospective 12/19/17

For my family, the holiday festivities are over. We’ve exchanged gifts, shared meals, played together, and laughed much. So while most of you are still in a state of anticipation, I’ve moved on to the introspective part of the year; that fine tradition of the “year in review.” These are some of my lessons from 2017; please feel free to share yours in the comments.


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It’s sad that our daily life has come to having to fight bigotry, misogyny and a myriad of other terrible things on a daily basis. It’s disheartening and depressive to say the least.

It’s all because of the right wing and their xtian fundie twisted beliefs that have increasingly become more radicalized in the last 20 years.

What has all of us pissed off though, and rightfully so, is the aid the vocalized far left has given the right wing bigots. It’s increasingly being brought to the conscientiousness of us(even though we’ve all known it for years) and the Dem party at large that the faux progressives are nothing more than an extension of the right wing trying to make life harder then it needs to be. They started their idiocy during the election of Dubya with Nader and his stupidity and festered into the idiocy of Fuckin Bernie and his meager band of morons.

Maybe it’s for the better that this has happened becasue it’s woken up a large part of the electorate that didn’t know how gov’t worked much less cared. I know this is a hard lesson to be taught, and we  have taken a lot of hits becasue of it, but the world will end up being a better place just because people have jumped in with both feet to fight back.


Trumps stupidly on display!




It’s really something when you hear words like these from a sitting Senator.



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VNV Tuesday: Alabama by the Numbers 12/12/17

I’ve never been to Alabama.  I have no family in Alabama (although my since-passed aunt and uncle retired there).  To the best of my knowledge, I don’t know anyone in Alabama.  Despite all that, I will be watching the returns come in tonight with bated breath and fingers crossed.  For those who are like me, with zero personal knowledge or experience of Alabama, I’m providing numbers and factoids to fill in some of the gaps.





Morning Meese…

I’ve been trying to keep my anger under control by taking time away from everything. With problems in my daily life controlling that anger is getting harder and what is happening in the country just exacerbates my anger. So, sorry for taking time off but I feel I don’t have much choice in the matter.


The Democratic Party is blowing up right in front of our faces. None of the Dems in Congress seem to know what they are doing from one minute to the next and aren’t working together, at lest from what I can see. This latest kerfuffle involving Sen Franken by select members of Congress goes to show just that. Headlined by Kirsten Gillibrand who can’t seem to keep her mouth shut when she should and other Senators following her lead to condemn Sen Franken without due process while not saying anything about Trump or Moore is slowly pissing me off.

They need to get together and fight back against Trump and the Repukes in a concerted effort and quit giving into purity fights because the right wing doesn’t give a shit about their purity. It’s making us look like a bunch of wimps.




Yes Bernie…We’d all like to know



Goddammit…This is the kind of shit that lets my anger start building up…Fuck these cretins…


Only in Ireland…LOL



Fuck you, Bernie!

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VNV Tuesday – Preaching to the Choir 12/5/17

A Fourth of July celebration back in the day; we can still raise our voices today.

I’m not gonna lie…as I followed the unfolding of the Senate passage of the #GOPTaxScam last Friday night, I became so stressed, upset, and angry that I ended up throwing up in my kitchen sink.  I discovered a burning core of hatred within me which quite frankly frightened me.  As a result, I took the weekend off from politics, spent some time reflecting on whether hope was even possible, and re-centered myself by remembering my core values, which do not include hatred or violence.  What follows is the product of those efforts in tweet form.





Morning meese!

What we are going through with this supposed government is so far beyond the pale it’s hard to discern up from down and down from up. You all know I’m 65 and in all my years I’ve seen nothing that comes close to what is happening now. Yes there was acrimony and a bunch of discourse in Congress that started back in the 80’s and really started when Carter was president. Not even when Nixon was president was it this bad in Congress. The difference now is that we don’t have a president willing to work with both sides to get anything done and we don’t have enough congressman willing to work together. The Republican party has been getting progressively worse since the 90’s and what we are seeing now is the culmination with their indifference for the citizens of the country. They are being aided by the “xtian fundies” and their far right theology they want us to bow down to their bullshit. All of this would not be happening if we had a president with common sense and any compassion at all for his fellow humans. But no, the foolish asshole white’s,and some POC in this country, that have the brains of a slug, elected a completely boorish, vile and non caring cretin as president. We know about the Russian collusion and the totally worthless unicorn sucking jackass but when it comes right down to it the people had a choice. More so I believe the last 30 years of demonizing Hillary by the right did more damage to Hillary’s chances becasue the right stepped up, and aided by the unicorn brigade, their rhetoric they’ve been chanting for 30 years and got idiots to believe in it.


I’ve been neglecting a lot of things lately becasue I’m exhausted and depressed. I’ve got problems here at home that I see no end to care of my lazy ass son and my DIL and have no answers to make my life any better. So I am going to take care of me for a little while which means, I’m sad to say, you won’t be seeing as much of me.

I’ll still do the TGIF thread every week and will pop in now and then.

Love each and every one of you all…You’ve kept me sane for the last 18 months…






Bravenak is one bad ass woman…Gotta LOL at her stuff….





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VNV Tuesday: Giving Tuesday 11/28/17

Giving Tuesday is not just a marketing ploy like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. It was started six years ago:

Created by the team at the Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact at the 92nd Street Y—a cultural center in New York City that, since 1874, has been bringing people together around the values of service and giving back—#GivingTuesday connects diverse groups of individuals, communities and organizations around the world for one common purpose: to celebrate and encourage giving. A team of influencers and founding partners joined forces, collaborating across sectors, offering expertise and working tirelessly, to launch #GivingTuesday and have continued to shape, grow and strengthen the movement.

#GivingTuesday harnesses the potential of social media and the generosity of people around the world to bring about real change in their communities; it provides a platform for them to encourage the donation of time, resources and talents to address local challenges. It also brings together the collective power of a unique blend of partners— nonprofits, civic organizations, businesses and corporations, as well as families and individuals—to encourage and amplify small acts of kindness.

As a global movement, #GivingTuesday unites countries around the world by sharing our capacity to care for and empower one another.


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This is going to be a brief one…good old lackadaisical Thanksgiving…Forgot yesterday was Thursday ..oops :)

Well it looks like bobby-three-sticks didn’t hear our call for action for any perp walks Wednesday. I’m gonna let him get away with it since we’ve come to find out Flynn is distancing himself from Thing meaning that he’s selling Thing down the river with no boat. Hopefully we’ll see some movement towards arrests this coming week.





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